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Donate now

BCF obtains all of its money from donations.

Every year we help many British people needing support while in Belgium.

We rely on the generosity of people like you to help us continue this vital work.

Donate to BCF and join thousands of others providing this vital support; there are several ways in which you can make a difference.   

  1. Make a regular donation
  2. Make a single donation
  3. Sponsor a specific activity
  4. Raise money for BCF
  5. Leave a gift in your will
  6. Donate in memory
  7. Company donations

Donations to the BCF are recognized by the Belgian Ministry of Finance and donations of 40 EUR and above are tax deductible.

Make a regular donation

A regular gift will help us to expand the support we can provide as it allows us to plan ahead for our future projects.   By setting up a Direct Debit you can choose how much and how often you donate. And before your first donation you'll be sent a letter of thanks, along with confirmation of your details.

Click here to print out the standing order form to send to your bank

If you need to make any changes to your regular gift at any time we'll be happy to do this for you.  BCF is a registered charity.

For a donation of EUR 40 per year you will get a tax receipt.

Make a single donation

Click here to print out the payment form (virement) to send to your bank ​ 

If you use electronic banking, here are our details:

The British Charitable Fund ASBL
av. Orban 60
1150 Bruxelles
IBAN BE37 3101 8900 8428e

Sponsor a specific Activity

There are several regular activities available to beneficiaries in Brussels. All of these depend on the time and effort of volunteer to achieve, but also require some funding. You can support one of these events:

  1. Sponsor a driver’s petrol costs [EUR 10]
  2. Sponsor the Wednesday Club activities [EUR 20]
  3. Sponsor 1 person Celebration lunches [EUR 30]

Raise money for BCF

We're really pleased you're interested in raising money for BCF. Whether you run, walk, swim, bake cakes, sell your art work or dye your hair blue, your efforts will make a substantial difference for many needy Brits in Belgium. Please contact us before starting any initiative to ensure your enthusiasm and efforts are consistent with BCF’s rules and regulations. Leave your details with us and we'll get back to you.

Leave a gift in your will

Gifts in wills can play a vital part in funding BCF’s work, sometimes for decades. Today you can follow in the footsteps of other supporters who have chosen to include BCF in their wills, and together we can continue to support Brits in Belgium. For anyone considering legacies, there is a system available known as “legs in duo”, whereby money can be left to a relative and to a registered charity at the same time. The charity – BCF – pays all the inheritance tax and because it is officially recognised, suffers less tax itself. Thus, more money goes to both family and charity.

More information as to how this works in detail, please contact David Humphreys,

Leave your details with us and we'll get back to you.

Donate in memory

Making a donation in memory of a loved one is a positive way of commemorating a life, while helping us to support many more.

Company donations

We would like you to nominate BCF to benefit from your company’s charitable budget.

  • Does your company have a charitable trust, foundation or charity committee; a charity of the year or payroll giving?
  • Do you work for a company who may wish to make a donation to support distressed Britons in Belgium?

Charities usually have to be nominated by a member of staff to benefit from a company’s charitable budget. Please suggest BCF to your company. Get in touch with us to discuss how to go about it and let us know if you would like one of us to make a presentation to your charity committee.