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What we do

We try to help anyone with a genuine need of advice, conversation or material assistance. Apart from the requirements in our statutes that beneficiaries be British or a dependant (including widows or widowers) and resident in Belgium, there are no rules, except that in practice applicants should have exhausted the normal means of support from family and state agencies Even today, and despite the best efforts of various agencies, there are gaps in the provision of social help that can uniquely affect foreigners in Belgium.

Duchess of Richmond's Ball

On 15 June 1815, just prior to the Battle of Waterloo, the Duchess of Richmond organized a ball in Brussels for the officers of Wellington’s army and distinguished guests.

Nearly 200 years later, the Ball was revived and monies raised are used to help charities supporting British and Belgian citizens, including the BCF. The last ball, which raised over 50,000 euros, was held on June 13th 2015.

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The BCF, in conjunction with the Royal British Legion, the Wednesday Club, and the Royal Air Force Association, organises many activities for beneficiaries of the fund, including regular lunch meetings and theatre visits.

Brochure 200 year history

Records of the activities of the BCF dating back to 1815 have been preserved and make for fascinating reading.

A brochure has been prepared detailing some of the milestones of the fund over its long history.  A full copy of the brochure (PDF, 32Mb) can be seen by clicking on the link below:

Brochure 200 years British Charitable Fund

The Waterloo Tree

The painting by Ernest Crofts entitled ‘’Wellington at Waterloo’’ clearly presents the Duke beneath a prominent elm tree. Though the tree suffered badly in the fighting in the years immediately following the battle the tree became a tourist attraction and was termed ‘’The Wellington Tree’’.

2015 marked the bicentenary of the existence of the British Charitable Fund in Belgium.

For over 200 years we have helped thousands of British citizens and their dependents with advice or material assistance.

To mark our 200th anniversary we are seeking 200 new donors. The current Duke of Wellington has kindly agreed to become the first donor to the new appeal.

We would be very grateful for your support – by making a donation you can directly assist in securing the future of the Fund. Please click on the link below to find details of how to donate.

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