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Take action - other ways to get involved

Be Happy! Help!

You don't have to give money to donate to BCF. We value your time and enthusiasm.  We need willing people with various skills for a variety of activities. See below for suggestions.

Support a BCF beneficiary

Many of our beneficiaries need little more than moral and emotional support. A little time on your part to provide a caring, listening ear and practical advice and support to someone in distress can provide much solace at a time of need.

Fundraise for BCF

There are many great ways to raise money and support BCF's work in Belgium AND have fun while you do it! We would love to hear from you - please contact us!

Drive a BCF beneficiary

Many of our elderly beneficiaries are no longer able to drive. You volunteering to drive them is the only way they may participate in the Wednesday Club, a welcome social event for them. Occasional, random driving is sometimes also required; for example to enable a beneficiary to visit a relative or friend in hospital.

Tell a friend

Tell your team, your clients, your friends and your family about BCF!  One of the Fund’s major problems is to ensure that it can find the persons in need. Disseminating information on what the Fund is and what it does will greatly increase the chances of them being referred to BCF.