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The Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club first opened its doors in April 2010 but, like many good ideas, there had been a lot of behind-the-scenes work before that opening day was reached.

Old age may have shifted its boundaries, but without a doubt at some point social circles diminish, long-term partners are lost and the experience of loneliness and isolation can begin to grow. Dr Lydia Jones, a British doctor, had come across this problem during the course of her work and shared her concerns with others active in the expatriate community.

The idea of an English-speaking social club for the older man and woman thus took root. A questionnaire was emailed to many expat community groups and doctors’ practices, establishing that there did indeed seem to be a need for such a club. An open meeting was held in December 2009 to identify people willing to become more involved, a steering group was formed, publicity material produced and suddenly it was April and the Club was ready for business.

Two significant facts that lead to the successful creation of the Club were that suitable and affordable premises were identified from the outset and there was an individual, Deborah Whittingham, who was prepared to take on the leadership of the Club. Such commitment is essential to any community-based organisation, of course, and by building a team of volunteers, backed by a steering group, the Wednesday Club aims to continue to grow and develop.

The Club, located in Braine-l'Alleud, just south of Brussels, provides a caring and secure environment within which members can enjoy each other's company and, if they wish, participate in a range of interesting and stimulating activities.

Attending a meeting of The Wednesday Club is completely free of charge. The funds required to run the Club come from donations from the community. Membership is open both to residents and any visiting family members to Brussels.