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Our history

The BCF was founded by the Duke of Wellington immediately after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. It was administered by the Duke of Richmond and its original intention was to help provide for dependants of soldiers killed in the battle – families and camp followers left stranded in Belgium. For nearly two hundred years the Fund has continued to help Britons and their dependants – in an astonishingly wide series of circumstances ranging from helping injured soldiers to return to their home country; aiding women lured during the last century to become “governesses” escape a worse fate to currently battling bureaucracy for persons threatened with deportation. The Fund has supplied everything from deliveries of coal to the poor to medical goods and simple advice and comfort. The types of need have changed, but human nature and its capacity for getting into difficulties apparently have not! The Museum of Flanders recently carried out a study of organisations that helped immigrants between the two World Wars.