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Some of the more common questions

The BCF helps Britons or their dependants / partners of any nationality. In all cases the person assisted must be resident in Belgium.

Financial assistance is normally tailored to suit the particular situation of the person in need. For example, a loan or a grant for a rent guarantee, direct short term assistance for food, heating and electricity, medical costs, dental costs, spectacles, assistance with rent, clothing and furnishings. Some persons receive long term pension supplement payments. Assistance is only provided following a confidential financial assessment.

The BCF gives various forms of help. Some people, mainly the elderly, are lonely and are in need of social contact. Members of the BCF make regular visits to these persons, relationships are often built up over a number of years. In such cases advice is often sought from the BCF on matters of renting accommodation and finding homes for them to stay in. Some persons ask for legal advice on such matters as debt, nationality or divorce. For some years now the BCF has provided a holiday for pensioners at the Belgian coast.

The BCF helps persons of all ages, from centenarians to teenagers. Generally the older persons are those the BCF assists over a long term and the younger persons are generally the urgent short term cases.

The majority of cases are referred to the BCF by the Fund’s regional contacts in Antwerp, Charleroi, Ghent and Ypres, by the network of sister organisations in Belgium such as the Community Help Service, the Royal British Legion, RAFA, Holy Trinity Brussels, the Church of Scotland and, not least of all, the British Embassy & Consulate.