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About BCF

What we do

We try to help anyone with a genuine need of advice, conversation or material assistance. Apart from the requirements in our statutes that beneficiaries be British or a dependant (including widows or widowers) and resident in Belgium, there are no rules, except that in practice applicants should have exhausted the normal means of support from family and state agencies Even today, and despite the best efforts of various agencies, there are gaps in the provision of social help that can uniquely affect foreigners in Belgium.

Our history

The BCF was founded by the Duke of Wellington immediately after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Its first Chairman was the Duke of Richmond.

Annual reports

BCF publishes an Annual Report which details its activities over the past year and its financial results and is discussed at the Annual General Meeting


Get in touch with BCF : email: Telephone: 0485 / 253 336

Some of the more common questions

Click below for some of our Frequently Asked Questions.